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What cosmetics can mask thinning hair?

Products for hair loss concealing

Products for hair loss concealing


There are a variety of hair loss coverup products that are applied to the scalp and/or hair to mask a person’s thinning areas and to create the illusion of fuller hair.

Hair loss concealers usually come in one of three forms: solids, powders or sprays. The goal is to minimize the contrast between scalp and hair.

  1. Solid hair loss concealers work the same way a facial concealer does. They are sold as colored powder or creams which are applied directly to the balding areas. The concealer temporarily dyes the scalp and it clings to the existing hair so that is looks thicker. Modern concealers doesn’t rub off or stain, users can safely exercise, sweat and even swim.
    doesn’t rub off or stainYou can use them every day without causing any further deterioration in your existing hair.
  2. Powders are a kind of powder microfibers and are shaken directly onto the head. The whole thing takes a few minutes and the fibers are practically invisible among one’s hairs.  The best of this products “fills” perfectly and helps you look a few years younger. A single defect is: if you go out in the rain without an umbrella, powder commences to run on your clothes. Otherwise, it resists wind, sweat, combing, sleeping on the pillow. You can also run with powdered head. If you did miss his baldness and want it back, just wash with normal shampoo. The dust contains keratin, a natural protein of the hair.  The principle is that the powder particles stick to natural hair left on the scalp, creating millions of microscopic false hairs, matching with other existing color. Being charged electrostatically binds together along the hair. It’s like when you add new hair to existing hair. Of course, the main condition is to still have some hair, because it can not be applied directly to baldness. A microfiber has a length between 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters.
  3. Sprays are sold in aerosol cans which contain a polymer blend that adheres to the natural hair. It can be applied directly to the balding areas. In the best case scenario the polymer blend not only fixes on the the hair, but also acts to maintain electrostatic bonds. This means that the product has a high level of water resistance and you can keep your appearance in the rain or while swimming.

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