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  • How undetectable is a hair transplant?

    Performed correctly, a hair replacement procedure is completely inconspicuous after 8-12 months. Surgeons can recreate wavy, randomized hairlines that look natural and for this minimizing the scar from the donor area incision is a critical part. A fine donor scar allows a good regeneration of the donor area for future hair transplant procedures and also permits short hairstyles. A number of techniques have been developed to minimize donor scarring when using a Strip Transplantation (FUT): tumescent anesthesia, undermining, absorbable sutures, buried sutures, staples and trichophytic closures. In case of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), this procedure is considered minimally invasive, because only the most superficial layer of the skin is cut and the holes are very tiny: 0.6 to 1.00 mm punches to cut around the follicle unit.

  • How many grafts do you need?

    There are many variable in determining the total number of grafts needed for a complete surgical hair restoration: facial characteristics and general aesthetic needs, patients hair characteristics, density, scalp laxity, head size and shape. But, as a general guide, the following table can be useful in having an ideea for the total number of hair grafts needed for each Norwood class.

    Norwood Class Follicular Unit Grafts Baldness zones
    IIa 900-2400 norwood 2a
    III 2000-3500 norwood 3
    III Vertex 2000-3000 norxood 3vertex
    IIIa 2400-4000 norwood 3a
    IV 3500-5000 norwood 4
    IVa 4000-5500 norwood 5a
    V 5000-6500 norwood 5
    Va 5000-7000 norwood 5a
    VI 7000-12000 norwood 6
    VII more than 10000 norwood 7
  • Hair Transplant – FUE vs Strip

    Technique FUT (Strip) FUE
    Indication For small or large area of baldness For small area of baldness. Tight scalp.
    Stitches required Yes No
    Number of grafts Many more grafts in 1 session – up to 5000 grafts depending on scalp laxity and donor density. Usually 1000-1500 grafts per 1 session.
    Shaving scalp before surgery No need to shave Need to shave the scalp
    Scar A single thin ( 1-2 mm ) straight line with trichophytic technique. Minimally visible Numerous dispersed small white circular scars. Minimally visible
    Scar visibility Can be covered if hair is worn at least 1cm long Can be covered if hair is worn at least 1cm long
    Visible scarring with short hair at back May be present Microscopic scars, not easilly detectable
    Number of sessions Usually one session May need more than one session if more than 1500 grafts is required
    Quality of grafts Good quality of grafts, can do double or multi-unit grafts to add more volume. Less transection due to a better visibility (1-2%) Greater risk for transection, especially in curly hair – transection rate 5–10%.
    Healing time: donor area 2-3 weeks Approx. 1 week
    Healing time: recipient area Approx. 2 weeks 10–14 days
    Growth hair rate 80- 90% growth rate About 70-75% growth rate
    Pain More pain at donor scar on the first few days Less pain at donor wound
    Cost Less expensive More expensive