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Dr. Jerry Wong – Alex results

Patient had several unsuccesful plug hairtransplants and mini/micrografts. He went to Dr Jerry Wong of Hasson & Wong for repair work.
In 1988 the patient had a full head of hair with hairline recession. He underwent an early transplant procedure where around 20 punch grafts were placed in the hairline.

Between 1991-1992 he had an additional two micro/mini grafts procedures totaling about 300 grafts which were added to his hairline and frontal zone.

Within 5 years most of remaining hair on top back to crown was lost leaving a plugy sparse hairline and frontal zone with nothing behind it.

The patient determined at that point it looked better to crop the old plugy grafts short rather than leave it longer (Before photos)

In April of 2003 the patient had a repair procedure with Dr Jerry Wong. During the procedure 3711 follicular units were implanted from his hairline to his crown by Dr. Wong of Hasson & Wong. In addition four punch grafts were also removed.

In February of 2004 he had an additional 3176 follicular units placed from hairline to crown by Dr. Wong. Three more punch grafts were also removed. In addition his hairline lowered slightly and grafts were added to his temples.(click to enlarge images)

Close-up of hairline taken morning of last 3176 graft session shows blending of follicular units with old work. Vast improvement in hairline. Lowering of hairline done in February 2004 will completely conceal any old work from 1988-1992 that may have been slightly visible to the trained eye.

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