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The cosmetics that act promptly and guarantees concealing of bald areas on the scalp are a quick solution for a problem that affects both sexes, regardless of age. Some of this products are:


This product is super smart for people with thinning hair. It consists of pure keratin nanofibers loaded with static electricity that are attracted like a magnet and adhere to existing hair to make it look more rich and filling gaps. Although the explanation sounds pretty SF and can be reminiscent of high school chemistry, the process is really trivial: apply a powder, a little hairspray and hair gets an optical illusion of richness. That’s all! It’s not complicated, no side effects, it easily rinse at first wash and no one will realize that you cheated.

Toppik comes in a container like a salt shaker and is filled with a powder that you apply directly on the scalp, and is found in 9 different shades from black to gray.

How do you choose the right color? – You should take into account the color which you want your roots to have. For example, if the roots are gray, you should buy the color of the rest of the hair.

It stains the pillow while you sleep? – Most of the people using it did not complained about seeing anything on the pillow or clothing.

What happens if it rains or the wind blows? Well, if you use a good hairspray to secure the fibers in place, you have nothing to worry about. Now if you are going to climb a mountain by wind and rain, obviously it would be pretty useless to apply powder before.

How to remove the product? – Through a simple wash with shampoo. Do not leaves residues in the hair.

Fullmore: Toppik Spray

Spray Fullmore is another solution against hair thinning and baldness.

Formulated for men and women who want the best, Fullmore cover bald areas in seconds, is safe because it does not damage hair. Within seconds, the Toppik fibers are mixed perfectly and very natural way to your existing hair. It does not penetrate the hair shaft and therefore does not clog pores. Your scalp continues to breathe and maintain healthy hair growth.

Fullmore is also very easy to use because you just shake the bottle and spray on the sparse areas. Fullmore will spray the hard to reach areas (back of head). To apply on the frontal area, protect your forehead with your hand. To keep the hair in place until the next shampoo and protect it from wind and moisture, then apply the fixing spray Toppik Fiberhold. Fullmore is available in several shades and suitable for both men and women.

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