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Caring For A Wig

The wigs should be stored on a wig stand or a mannequin when it is not used so that the shape is properly preserved.

Perspiration, environment and lifestyle are some of the factors to be taken into account when deciding the frequency of cleaning the wig. Normally it is advisable to clean the wig after a fortnight’s use. Strictly follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer, for cleaning and conditioning the wig. During swimming, you have to cover your hair with a cap to protect it from chlorine or salt water which makes hair tangle. Always wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner soon after, regardless of the type of water.
Natural hair wigs need special care and attention. Before washing the wig, spray it with a mixture of conditioner and water and comb it from the bottom up, from the end toward the top. You can prepare your own home-made leave-in conditioner by diluting 10% hair softener/balm in 90% water. It is important to gradually wet the hair and brush it gently from root to top, because if hair is very dry and plenty of water is added on it, hair will swell like a sponge and it will break. This method will prevent hair tangles and quick degradation.

There are special styling accessories such as conditioners, hair sprays and shampoos to keep the wig clean. Cool water should be used to rinse the wig after the conditioning process. Leave the wig to dry naturally and avoid scrubbing the wig.
Below are some recommendations of some clients who use these products and are pleased with the effect they have on the hair:

  • Hair care products containing argan oil.
  • Silicone based products that give hair shine.

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