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If you know the cause, you know the treatment

There are many causes of hair loss, which differ with genetics, sex, lifestyle and health factors. The most important cause is both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, affecting almost 50% of adult males and 25% of adult women.

Genetic Hair Loss

Androgenetic alopecia or hereditary pattern baldness is a form of hair loss typically experienced by men and is caused by hereditary factors under the influence of male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and aging. Women may also experience this type of hair loss, but it occurs rather rarely.

Localized Hair Loss

Some dermatological conditions can cause localized hair loss. The resulted hair loss pattern is usually quite different from the diffuse one of genetic hair loss and the diagnosis can be put by an experienced dermatologist, sometime after some tests, such as a scalp biopsy.

Medical Conditions

Systemic medical issues often cause a diffuse form of hair loss pattern that can be mistaken with genetic balding (especially at women), it is very important that undiagnosed alopecia be correctly evaluated by a dermatologist or a physician specializing in hair loss.

Exterior causes

Medication or chemicals have the potential to interrupt the proper cycle of hair forming. Nutritional factors affect the hair directly including crash diets, zinc and iron deficiency, malabsorbtion, pancreatic disease, hypervitaminosis A, vitamin D deficiency, fatty acid and protein deficienty, severe caloric restriction.

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